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Kings Point Pickleball Club

If you have some good pictures of past events, please do one of the following:
  1. Upload the file here. [ When you get to the album titled “Load Pictures” , click on “join”, then click on the first icon at the top (has a + sign in the image, to upload pictures from your pc or phone;]
  2. Email a copy of your photos to or
  3. you can also give me a CD, DVD, memory card or other storage device with copies of the pictures on it and I will return the memory device to you after I have included the pictures in the picture album linked to the website.
If the event is not obvious from looking at the picture, please indicate the event the pictures were taken at.

To have your video entered here, please upload it first to YouTube, then send me a link to it.  The video will be embedded into this area once uploaded.

Peggy and Sharon's Uptown Funk Dance for the Kings Point Pickleball Club - Published on Feb 23, 2017

Refree Training Video


MISSION STATEMENT: The Kings Point Pickleball Club will promote the game of pickleball to our residents and provide competitive and social pickleball activities for all playing levels.  We will encourage good sportsmanship and development of the sport of pickleball through training and participation.

Page last updated on : Sunday December 15, 2019